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Our Program

Learning Through Play


Outdoor Play

We believe in outdoor play/learning as much as indoor play/learning. Adventurous Learners spend 50% of the time outside! We believe in joyful learning. Children learn while they play and interact with the world around them.

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Our Philosophy

We believe children learn best when they engage in challenging and meaningful activities based on their own interests and needs in a loving/caring/non judgmental environment. We help children develop skills and reach  milestones in the five main areas of development: Cognitive, Social/Emotional, Speech/Language, Fine Motor, Gross Motor. Every child is different and develops at their own pace.
We follow Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences which states that there are eight different distinct intelligences and that children/adults have different styles of learning.

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We are a Spanish Immersion, Vegetarian,  Developmental School.

WE BELIEVE  THE SPANISH LANGUAGE IS ACQUIRED NOT TAUGHT. The Spanish Language will become part of your child gradually and naturally, just like it happened with their first language. In the morning we only speak in Spanish, your child will gradually start understanding and using the language to communicate in the same way they learned and started using their first language. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers.

We are a green school. We believe in recycling and using recycling materials for our projects!

We serve breakfast/lunch/snack. Our food is 95% organic and non GMO. 

We believe in honest/open communication with the parents in the best interest of the child. Communication among each other is key for a successful learning journey.  We use Brightwheel to keep us connected during the day! Brightwheel is an app that parents can download and will provide a vision (through pictures, notes and videos ) of how your child's day is unfolding.

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