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Our Roots

Eloisa Reeves - Director

Adventurous Learners started as City Kids who was founded by Ryanne and Paul Conway. They started an amazing educational journey which I had the privilege to be part of and now continue on my own with excellence and commitment.

I am originally from Argentina, where I was raised and educated in one of the most prestigious schools in Buenos Aires. I feel I was given the gift of teaching. It's not so much about my background in Early Childhood Education, my Californian Child Development teacher permit or my over 20 years of experience teaching young children (which of course has helped tremendously in my formation as an educator) but more so in a love and passion for teaching that comes from deep inside which gives me an enormous amount of gratification and satisfaction.

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646 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90004

818 470 3769

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