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Adventurous Learners Team

Highly Qualified

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Rebecca M. Tiongson

English Teacher

Born and raised in the Philippines I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and major in Management followed by Child Care Development. After being in charge of family business I made a pause to start my own family. When migrating to United States I updated my Early Childhood Education at Los Angeles community College and joined St. Nicholas School as an Assistant to the Principal. I was then hired by Piligrim School as a Teacher Assistant followed by a substitute at St. James Preschool.

For me, working in  preschool, teaching and taking care of children is very fulfilling. I have spent my last 11 years working with them and I love it. I treat children as if they are my own. I always believed that aside from ABC's and the 123"s giving the children care, love, and respect, will prepare them to become responsible persons in the future.

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Loghan Stong

English Teacher

In the 5 years I've been in LA, I've made movies, music, plays, found love, and also found a new passion. Teaching. City kids was a life changer for me. Making my way up the ladder from cleaning and doing maintenance an hour a day, to becoming a sub, then teaching music classes and piano lessons, to now teaching our preschool class every afternoon at my new home, Adventurous Learners. This school has ignited the passion of teaching and education in me that I had no clue was there until I witnessed what they were doing in the classrooms first hand. This inspired me to go back to school for Early Childhood education, so I can give our students the best of tools to achieve every single dream they have. That is what Adventurous Learners is about and that is why I am here.

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Gerson Martinez

Science/Spanish Teacher

I am a biochemical researcher and molecular biology student from Los Angeles, California. I began my journey as a teacher by teaching an environmental and biology class at St. James Episcopal School in the summer of 2014. I then interned as a science teacher at LA City Kids in 2016 and became part of their teaching staff soon after. At City Kids I taught Spanish immersive classes for 3 years in their elementary school and preschool programs. I taught many different subjects in Spanish such as sustainability, biology, coding and robotics. My personal philosophy is teaching innovation and cultivating creativity in early education. My interests include going on hikes with my dog, Elysian, and reading books at home on my days off.

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